Product Guides

Our product support files are broken down by product category. Here you can download files on product care and maintenance as well as suggested use guidelines.

Boat Covers
BoatGuard Plus
Boatguard SST (page 1)
Boatguard SST (page 2)
Boat Vent II Instructions
Clip Installation Instructions
Eclipse Boat Cover Installation Instructions
Inflatable Mounting Kit
Inflatable Quick-Shade Top Instructions
Moor and Store Instructions
Pontoon Enclosure Instructions
Pontoon Gazebo Quick Shade Instructions
Pontoon Support System Installation Instructions
RainBreaker Boat Cover Installation Instructions
Rope Lock / Tie Down Kit
T-Top Boat Cover Installation Instructions
Trailerite Boat Covers
Trailerite Boat Cover Instructions
Turnbuckle Covers
Boat Fenders
Dock & Post Bumpers(page 1)
Dock & Post Bumpers(page 2)
Pontoon Fender Installation Instructions
Pontoon Boat Fence Saver Installation Instructions
Two & Three Fender Basket Holder Assembly Diagram
Valve Inflation Instructions
Boat Lighting
3 Inch LED Recessed Spotlight Instructions
6 Inch Round Light Instructions
CCF Lights General Info
CCF Lights Troubleshooting Guide
CCF Reading Lights Instructions
Dimmer Instructions
Taylorbrite Brochure (page 1)
Taylorbrite Brochure (page 2)
Bimini Tops
Bimi Tee Tops
Bimi Tee Tops (H mount)
Convertable Bimini Top Instructions
Economy Bimini Top Assembly Instructions
Four Bow Bimini Top Assembly
Four Bow Pontoon Assembly
Pontoon Shade Instructions
Slide Assembly Installation
Support Bar Installation
Three Bow Bimini Top Assembly
Ski Boat Bimini Assembly (page 1)
Ski Boat Bimini Assembly (page 2)
T-top Bow Shade Instructions
T-Top Sun Visor Installation Instructions
Two bow bimini top (page 1)
Two bow bimini top (page 2)
Universal Fit Fixed Position T-Top Console Cover Instructions
Wakeboard Tower Bimini Top Instructions
Zip-On T-Top Installation Guide
Marker Buoy Anchoring Suggestions
Mooring Systems Diagram
Sur Mark Buoy Label Application
Dock Products
Boatgard Mooring Whips
Chafe Gard
Dock and Post Bumpers (Page 1)
Dock and Post Bumpers (Page 2)
DockPro Corner Dock Cushion Installation
DockPro Dock Cushion Installation
Dock Box Dimension (Tub) Data Sheet
Dock Cart Dimensions
Dock Float Mounting Flange Detail
Dock Floatation Guide
Dock Step Handrail Instructions
Dock Wheel Installation
DockPro Cart
Gas Support Installation
Hull Gard / Dock Pro Dock Edging
Life Line Cushions
Moor and Store
Mooring Whips
Rain Breaker Glass Treatment
Space Saver Dockbox (Tub) Data Sheet
Standard and Premium Mooring Whip Warranty
Mooring / Anchor Systems
Anchor Chain Specifications
Bridle Plate Mooring System Guidelines
Storm Surge Anchor System Guidelines
Other Products
Bass Boat Protector (page 1)
Bass Boat Protector (page 2)
Boatent Installation
Comfort Zone Misting System Installation and Operation
D-Icer Instructions
Fast Back Installation
Hypalon Glue Repair Kit Instructions
Inflatable Mounting Kit
Inflatable Quick-Shade Top Instructions
Life Line Cushions
Pontoon Playpen Shade Instructions
Pontoon Quick Shade Gazebo Instructions
Rain Breaker Glass Treatment
Rope Lock / Tie Down Kit
T-top Bow Shade Instructions
T-Top Sun Visor Installation Instructions
Turnbuckle Covers