Eco Blast Rechargeable Air Horn

Just pump in new air. The refill valve of the Eco Blast air horn lets you recharge using a Taylor Made® Mini Air Pump or any bicycle pump, service station air pump or air compressor. In seconds, Eco Blast is ready to emit a powerful 120 db signal that meets all USCG. requirements. Eco Blast beats out chemical horns, too, because it operates in all weather and temperature extremes. Plus, with Eco Blast there’s no worry about a potentially harmful chemical escaping into the environment.

Eco Blast Mini Air Pump

Our versatile Mini Air Pump is always handy to have around. Use it to quickly refill your Eco Blast Rechargeable Safety Signal Air Horn, or to inflate boat fenders, bicycle tires, rafts, water toys and more. The Mini Air Pump comes with two interchangeable valves for adaptability and generates up to 100 psi of pressure. Easy to use, stores anywhere.

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P-65 Warning
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
#616 Eco Blast – horn only
#617 Eco Blast Mini Air Pump
#618 Eco Blast kit – with air horn and hand pumps

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