LED Technology

The Taylorbrite Technology Advantage

1) A 50,000 hour lifetime means that Taylorbrite LED lights will outlast other style lights and probably your boat!This translates into less time, expense, and hassle associated with changing bulbs. You may never have to replace your interior lights again!

2) Taylorbrite LED lights offer very low power draw. The one and three watt versions draw up to 90% less power than a typical halogen ten watt recessed light. This significantly reduced power requirement means that:
•   More lights can be run for longer periods on batteries before recharging
•   Quieter ship/vehicle operation (no need to run the generator because lights are on)
•   The electrical system (batteries, alternator, charger/converter and lighting circuit wire gauge) can be downsized.

3) Taylorbrite LED lights operate at dramatically cooler temperatures. In fact, it is safe to touch and handle the lights while they are operating with no fear of being burned. Because more power is converted into light and not dissipated as heat, LED lights operate at a much lower fixture temperature (50oC versus 160oC for halogen). This makes them safer to install in all areas, drastically reducing ambient heat and demands on cooling systems.

4) Taylorbrite LED lights are fully dimmable, which greatly reduces power draw. Not only is dimming possible with LEDs - you actually reduce power consumption and thus draw on the batteries as you dim the lights. Using our proprietary modulation techinque, you can control light output while reducing current draw proportionately and thus dim efficiently. This benefit is especially useful at night, when you may desire a low light level without drawing down your battery capacity.

5) Taylorbrite LED lights are very durable and resistant to shock, with no filament or glass bulb to wear out or break. The ballast for our LED fixture is electronic and is more properly referred to as a regulator. The regulator allows our unique LED lights to be operated from 8 Volts to 32 Volts DC, effectively covering both 12V and 24V systems with one version and maintains virtually constant light output over the entire operating voltage range. The components are built to endure voltage spikes and drops without any dmaage. These lights are fully filtered and shielded; therefore there is no concern for EMI interference.