Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Lighting

Q: What is the difference between a standard on/off switch and a 3-way switch on your Dual Linear CCF lights?

A: The 3-way switch is only used on red/white lensed lights. Therefore the part number must start with I5TR in order to use a 3-way switch. All other switched light styles use the standard on/off switch.

Q: Can you explain the CCF Light part numbering scheme?

A: CCF Light part numbers (Single Linear, Dual Linear, 6" Round, and Reading lights) are all eight digits long, made up of alpha-numeric characters. Each unique character tells you something about the type of light.

See below for a part numbering legend:

Q: My new CCF lights look like they have a pinkish tone to them? Is something wrong?

A: New CCF lights will glow with a pinkish tone for the first few minutes of operation. Once the lights reach their normal operating temperature this pinkish color will disappear forever. This only occurs the first time you use a new CCF light.

Q: What do I do with the blue wire on my lights?

A: If you are not using a Taylorbrite dimmer you should connect the blue wire directly to the power wire (red or orange color) or you can wire it to an on/off switch for external switching capabilities. If you are using a Taylorbrite dimmer, the blue wire should be wired to the dimmer

Q: What are the two white wires on the dimmer for and what do I do with them?

A: If you are not using a three way switch, the white wires should be left unconnected. Take care to protect the individual wire ends with a wire nut or electrical tape, so they cannot touch each other. Do not wire the two white wires together.If you are using a three way switch system, the two white wires should be wired to the switch.

Q: How much power do Taylorbrite lights draw? What is their light output?

A: All Taylorbrite lights are energy efficient and draw very little power. Please see each light's unique specifications in the Product Catalog.

Q: How many lights can be run off of one dimming module?

A: Up to 20 lights per dimmer.

Q: Can I mount my Taylorbrite lights outside?

A: Taylorbrite lights are weather resistant, but cannot be fully exposed to the elements. Therefore, we recommend mounting your lights under a radar arch or bimini top for outside applications.