Frequently Asked Questions - Boat Lighting

Q:What is the difference between a standard on/off switch and a 3-way switch on your Dual Linear CCF lights?

A:The 3-way switch is only used on red/white lensed lights. Therefore the part number must start with I5TR in order to use a 3-way switch. All other switched light styles use the standard on/off switch.

Q:Can you explain the CCF Light part numbering scheme?

A:The CCF Light part numbers (Single Linear, Dual Linear, 6” Round, and Reading lights) are all eight digits long, made up of alpha-numeric characters.  Each unique character tells you something about the type of light.  See below for a part numbering legend.

Q:My new CCF lights look like they have a “pinkish” tone to them?  Is something wrong?

A:New CCF lights will glow with a “pinkish” tone for the first few minutes of operation.  Once the lights reach their normal operating temperature this “pinkish” color will disappear forever.  This only occurs the first time you use a new CCF light.

Q:What do I do with the blue wire on my lights?

A: If you are not using a Taylorbrite dimmer you should connect the blue wire directly to the power wire (red or orange color) or you can wire it to an on/off switch for external switching capabilities. If you are using a Taylorbrite dimmer, the blue wire should be wired to the dimmer.

Q:What are the two white wires on the dimmer for and what do I do with them?

A:If you are not using a three way switch, the white wires should be left unconnected.  Take care to protect the individual wire ends with a wire nut or electrical tape, so they cannot touch each other. Do not wire the two white wires together.If you are using a three way switch system, the two white wires should be wired to the switch.

Q:How much power do Taylorbrite lights draw? What is their light output? 

A:All Taylorbrite lights are energy efficient and draw very little power.  Please see each light’s unique specifications listed on the website, under the Product Catalog page.

Q:How many lights can be run off of one dimming module? 

A: Up to 20 lights per dimmer.

Q:Can I mount my Taylorbrite lights outside?

A: Taylorbrite lights are weather resistant, but cannot be fully exposed to the elements.  Therefore, we recommend mounting your lights under a radar arch or bimini top for outside applications.

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