Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Fenders

Q: My fender is difficult to inflate. Can you offer any advice?

A: Thank you for contacting Taylor Made Products with regards to the inflation of your Tuff End Fender. The valve on this fender requires the use of a high pressure air pump. We suggest using a pump with an output of 20-30 psi. Recommended inflation on the Tuff End Fenders & Buoys in 2 psi. Tuff End fenders and buoys are manufactured with our Patented Trivalve. It requires a decent amount of air pressure to move the air through the valve so that it escapes the positive check valve (which is the black sleeve at the bottom of the valve). Please contact Taylor Made Products customer service with any additional questions at our toll free number 800-628-5188.

Q: How do I clean my fenders?

A: We recommend using mineral spirits to clean your fenders. You can also use any vinyl cleaner, such as Armor All.

Q: My fender has a puncture in it, is this covered under warranty?

A: No, our warranty does not cover punctures. Check our our fender warranty here.

Q: How can I repair my punctured fender?

A: We recommend using a vinyl repair kit. You can find one where they sell swimming pool liner repair kits. Lacrosse, a vinyl wading boot company, also sells a repair kit for their boots.