Manufacturing Services

Sewn Products
Our cut and sew operations utilize the latest in sewing technology: AutoCAD pattern development, computer controlled cutting, and Toyota sewing system manufacturing. We offer product development assistance and industrial fabric selection for many custom applications, such as protective covers for weather, shade and sun, custom flags, banners, and a wide variety of other sewn items.
PE & PVC Compounding
Our in-house compounding department can formulate vinyl plastisols for a variety of applications from very flexible to semi-rigid. Multiple color options and additives are available to suit your specific needs.
Engineering Design Services
Our engineering staff can guide you with design suggestions to enhance both the function and manufacturability of your product. We can provide engineering drawings and aid in pattern and tooling procurement.
Custom Rotomolding
Rotational molding is an efficient process to manufacture hollow forms from both flexible and rigid materials. Tooling is typically economical when compared to other molding processes. Rotomolded parts may have a variety of finishes and colors. They are of one-piece construction with uniform wall thickness and virtually stress free. Taylor Made Products specializes in rotationally molded flexible PVC and polyethylene. We make parts ranging from very small pieces to larger parts up to 95" diagonal.
Mold Repair Services
Our in-house machine shop is experienced in mold repair and frame repair or rebuild. On-the-spot repair can frequently prevent job interruption and the need to send molds out for major repair or replacement.
Quality Control Testing Services
Taylor Made Products has the testing capabilities for a full range of fabric and component part testing. ASTM fabric testing is available for the following:

    Tensile & Tough Tear

    Water Repellency


    Accelerated UV Exposure

    Salt Spray Corrosion

CNC Machining Services
Our state of the art , vertical CNC machining center and skilled machinists can make precision parts and roto molds from aluminum billet. We work with parts up to 40" long, 30" wide x 20" high. We use the latest CAD/CAM programs which support a variety of file formats. Let us help you turn your idea into a finished product.
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Manufacturing Services

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