Low Freeboard Fenders

As seen on Fishing University

The first boat fender to address the needs of low freeboard boats. Shaped to protect the gunwales and rubrail, the Low Freeboard fender offers superior protection compared to regular fenders against high docks. Low Freeboard Fenders can be tied over the cleat to position it higher on the boat, putting protection where it is needed. Made from specially formulated tough marine grade vinyl and features an inflation valve for air pressure adjustment. Standard size measures 14" long and larger size measures 23" long for increased hull protection. Made in the USA.

Now Available in Camo!

Stock No. Color Diameter Length
#31005 White 5" 14"
#31006 Metallic Black 5" 14"
#31055 Metallic Red 5" 14"
#31043 Camouflage 5" 14"
#31007 White 7" 23"
#31008 Metallic Black 7" 23"