Fender CushionsTM

The only fender specifically designed for maximum protection when rafting or tying up against solid walls. This unique rectangular cushion will provide greater protection from boats jarring into each other than conventional fenders. Six molded tubes provide crush resistance, and the exclusive channel design lends itself to "hugging" the boat . Fender CushionsTM are made from tough marine grade vinyl and feature an inflation valve for air pressure adjustment. Fender CushionsTM may be hung vertically or horizontally. They make great piling cushions and are extremely comfortable as seat cushions.
 3 Sizes to Fit All Boats
Stock No. Length Width Diameter
#46090 15" 15" 6-1/2"
#46095 20" 20" 7-5/8"
#46100 26" 26" 9-5/8"

U.S. Patent #5,013,272. Design Patent #318,312.