Eco Blast™
Rechargeable Air Horn and Kit

Just pump in new air! The refill valve of the Eco Blast air horn lets you recharge using a Taylor Made® Mini Air Pump or any bicycle pump, service station air pump or air compressor. In seconds, Eco Blastis again ready to emit a powerful 120 db signal that meets all U.S.C.G. requirements. Eco Blast beats out chemical horns, too, because it operates in all weather and temperature extremes...can be safely stored or used near a heat in any position...and leaves no rust rings on surfaces. Plus, with Eco Blast there?s no worry about a potentially harmful chemical escaping into the environment.

NEVER buy an expensive refill canister again!

Stock No. Description
#616 Eco Blast (Air Horn only)
#618 Eco Blast kit (w/Air Horn & Hand Pump)