Hull-SaverTM Dock Bumpers & Corner Guards

All vinyl covered Fenders and Bumpers contain high-density closed cell polyethylene foam, covered in a tough UV resistant and tear proof vinyl/polyester tri-laminate blend covering. Corrosion-proof grommets make attachment easy for any application.

  • Corrosion-proof grommets
  • Great spot protection

Standard Dock Bumpers

Part No. Description
#344 24"L x 4"T x 2.5"D - Straight
#345 10"L x 10"L x 4"T x 2.5"D - Corner

Marine Bumpers

Part No. Description
#347 36"L x 8"T x 6"D - Small Straight
#348 60"L x 8"T x 6"D - Large Straight

Heavy Duty Dock Bumpers

Part No. Description
#349 35"L x 6"T x 4"D - HD Straight
#350 12"L x 12"L x 6"T x 4"D - HD Corner