Standard Mooring Whips

Mooring whips are an economical and safe way to protect your boat against costly dockside and seawall damage. The Mooring Whip system pulls your boat a safe, convenient distance away from the dock thereby protecting it from the damaging forces of waves, wind, tides and wakes.

Mooring Whips are made of high quality solid fiberglass poles, aluminum-magnesium base units, tips, and mooring whip lines. Each set comes complete with all of the hardware necessary for installation. Standard Mooring Whips and Premium Mooring Whips are sold in pairs. The PWC Mooring Whip is a one-pole system with a flush mount base and is commonly used on swim platforms. Whips can be easily removed for storage.


• Fresh or Salt water use
• Moderate wake areas
• Minimal tide areas

Standard Mooring Whips are equipped with fixed angle bases with a 60o angle and are most commonly used for ski boats, runabouts, center consoles, and bass boats.
Stock No. Description For Boat Sizes Length/Weight
MW.080 Mooring Whip Fixed Angle Base 8' Up to 20' / to 2500 lbs.
MW.120 Mooring Whip Fixed Angle Base 12' 18' to 23' / 2500-5000 lbs.
MW.140 Mooring Whip Fixed Angle Base 14' 24' to 28' / 5000-10000 lbs.
MW.160 Mooring Whip Fixed Angle Base 16' 29' to 33' / 10000-20000 lbs.