Stow 'n Go Dock Boxes

With a UV gelcoat finish and the stainless steel lockable latch and hardware these are built tough. Our dock boxes incorporate gas shock lifts, which come standard on all models. These shocks help to keep your lid open on rocking docks and in higher wind areas and allows for a slower, more controlled closing. These fiberglass molded dock boxes are also constructed with a smooth interior finish which helps prevent splinters in your hands when storing or retrieving your boating accessories.

Standard Dock Boxes

Provides a large rectangular space in which to store all your boating needs. (2 shocks installed)

Stock No. Description Height Width Depth
#83562 Small 24" 54" 22"
#83552 Medium 24" 72" 23"
#83551 Large 24" 85" 22"
#83559 Extra Large 24" 95" 22"
#83553 Deep Small 27" 46" 26"
#83554 Deep Medium 28.25" 72.75" 28.25"